Kokosmus – Rezept

Seit meiner Entdeckung habe ich immer ein Glas auf Vorrat. Nicht nur lecker und gesund, sondern mit nur Fr 2.10/Glas auch sehr preisgünstig, lässt sich dieser schnell hergestellte Aufstrich für unzählige Rezepte verwenden.

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Grüne Pizza – Rezept (Vegan, Paleo, Low-Carb, Low-Fat)

Gerade inspiriert mich der Frühling mit all dem heimischen Gemüse zu einer gesünderen Ernährung. Auf die herkömmlichen Gerichte verzichten, das möchte ich dann aber doch nicht, und so habe ich mit der grünen Pizza einen passenden Kompromiss gefunden. Der Boden aus Blumenkohl ist ja schon bekannt, allerdings finden sich in den Rezepten jeweils mindestens 3 Eier. Da das vegane Teigexperiment meine Geschmacksnerven sehr zufrieden zurückliess, teile ich dieses Rezept gerne hier, denn die grüne Pizza mit Blumenkohl-Teig, Erbsenpüree und Cashew-Käse ist zudem schnell zubereitet. Continue reading

2x christmas & 2 salad creations

Tons of spaghetti. Candles. Candy. Salami. Coffee. Toys. Lots of chocolate. Jägermeister and a beer bottle from 2007!

It reaches from funny to unbelievable what people sent this year.

Yesterday was the evening when the youth of the Red Cross helped out at the project 2x Christmas. Since I am a volunteer at the Red Cross, I happened to participate for the third time. This project exists for 17 years now.  Swiss people send stuff (with free mailing) to a center in the Capital, volunteers open the packages and sort everything: clothes/toys/food etc.. Then some goes to regional people in need and the rest to Bulgaria, Belarus and other East European states.

My job was checking the expiry. Incredible what I’ve found – some people were just trying to get rid of flour, almonds, chocolates,… they’ve forgot in their pantry. Expiring in 2010, no kidding. Absolute best one was the Heineken though, 7 years old! Oh and in one package we’ve found three little bags containing food. We all looked at it and wondered what it was. Everything was written in some kind of Asian sign language!

Back then when they started, the Red Cross who coordinate it received 35’000 packages, this year it was 70’000. In two hours, we opened 453 of those. Imagine just what other funny stuff must be found.

There are people working everyday and it still takes them until March to open up all the packages. Lovely how so many people send food, clothes and toys! There is just one criticizing point in all this kindness: 80% of the things were from a budget brand. The cheapest stuff.  Not so much a problem if it’s chips or flour but a big one when it’s coffee, chocolate  or tea.  Aren’t they supporting the exploitation of exactly the people they send the package to?  Think about that for a moment!


Well, change of subject as I wanted to share the salads I’ve made this week. On the picture above you see chicory with pineapple and a few raisins. I’ve never liked the bitter taste of chicory so I tried this combination. The pineapple was ripe and tasty but would have been better with lamb’s lettuce (the green decoration). Actually everything’s better than chicory…


This is one of my favorites. In this salad, the combining works perfectly. Although I a not a fan of fennel, I really like apple-fennel salad. That’s like opening a package to find a long-ago expired beer bottle with a big panettone: Only together it’s ok. You don’t want to just take out the beer.

Easy Sprouting: Chickpeas


I did it. I finally dug out our sprouter!

First thing I tried this week were chickpeas.
I used just normal store-bought ones (organic!), soaked them overnight and spread it on the different sprouting trays. They are really easy and therefore perfect for a beginner like me.
Keep the soaking water for rinsing them, it holds a lot of good stuff. Then rinse in the morning and evening, I also had to water them in the afternoon as the warm edition of the summer has reached us here. After 3 days they were good to take but I waited a fourth and as you can see above, it even grew green stuff. I thought it couldn’t hurt waiting another day as I’ve read in the internet about people having mild problems with eating sprouted ckickpeas raw. Sometimes I am just too gullible. Reading too long in forums and blog can make you think you have cancer or something…


Well, as I said I took them today. I made Hummus and that worked great and just like with normal cooked ones. Interesting was the flavor – I can’t describe it… it kind of reminded me of cress. Just season it a little more if you don’t like this taste.


The other thing I tried: Raw Carob Hummus!
Just mix the washed chickpeas with a teaspoon of carob and either a banana or 2 tablespoon of agave syrup. Or both, depending on your sweet tooth 🙂

Cooked Chickpeas:

Vitamin C: 2,3 mg

Sprouted Chickpeas:

Vitamin C: 10,4 mg

How to Season Vegetables

My intelligent new old book says that if you season your vegetables with the said spice, the composition will develop healing powers in your body. Those are “important for eliminating disorders, purifying the blood and protecting the body from germs.”

Some of the combinations may sound special. At least I  have never seasoned my spinach with ginger… The caraway makes sense on the cabbage since it is known for its digestive function. I’m excited tot try some new combinations soon.
So here is what goes to together well for our body:

peas →  mint

beans → sage

carrots → anise (this one actually tastes quite good, especially with coconut cream. But then…what doesn’t taste good with coconut cream?)

white turnips → caraway

pumpkin → celery or marjoram cucumber

asparagus → thyme

tomatoes → thyme

Romaine lettuce → celery, grated or the leaflets

cauliflower → celery, grated or the leaflets

cucumbers → onion and garlic

zucchini → marjoram

beetroot → chives and caraway

white cabbage → caraway

sorrel → celery root

dandelions → cress

cabbage → black radish

spinach → ginger powder

topinambour → marjoram, radish

fennel → mustard leaves

Happy seasoning!