5 Uses of Coconut Oil I wish I’ve known sooner

Coconut Oil is such a multi-talent! Prior to knowing the many way of usage, I just applied it as a body lotion and before that I just used it for my desserts. But there are many more usages, and with each new one I tested I am more surprised about this wondrous nut. Well, botanically speaking, it’s a stone fruit. Any ways, we love to use it outside the kitchen!
So here are five of about 352352 ways for using unrefined coconut oil:
Coconut tree

  1. Fighting Spliss
    I your hair is dry or you tend to have spliss, apply the coconut oil on the ends before showering. Then thoroughly rinse out when washing your hair. Another tip is to use vinegar which makes your hair shiny!
  2. Tooth paste
    Mix the coconut oil with Xylitol, medicinal clay, salt and a few drops of  essential clove oil. There you have your all natural toothpaste! Stored in a jar the toothpaste will stay good for months! Note: Do not use metal when working with medicinal clay.
  3. Deodorant
    At first I was skeptical. Wasn’t it weird to put oil on my armpits? But then again, we spray/smear store-bought deodorants on our armpits which we mostly don’t really know what they are consisting of. Lately they have been in the media for their high dosage of aluminum, so this tip came in just right. I tested it right away with applying it on my left side. The right side, I didn’t put on anything. Then I went for an hour-long run. Result: My left side smellt just like before, like I had freshly applied the coconut oil. Surprisingly, I didn’t smell sweat at all. My right side… um, you know, it worked. Tip: Put it on the heater and add a few drops of essential oil as soon as it is liquid. Stir thoroughly and let it get firm again at a colder place (no need to refrigerate though).coconut oil
  4. Lubricant
    Can you believe? Coconut oil also works as a natural, vegan lubricant. Applicable on woman or man, wherever needed. No known side effects. How cool’s that? Note though that it dissolves latex condoms, so better don’t try when using condoms as contraception!
  5. Whitening your teeth
    Take a teaspoon of coconut oil after getting up in the morning. Swish it around in your mouth for about 20 minutes, for instance while you are showering. Spit into the bin to not clog the sink. Wash your mouth well as it pulls out the bacteria, also make sure note to swallow any! The effect of whitened teeth can be seen after the first usage. It’s almost miraculous!

What do you use coconut oil for? 😀


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