What if cows rate themselves superior to us?


I stumbled across this striking illustration of how silly the argument with the happy meat actually is. Even if the calf was joyfully jumping around in the short span of his life he didn’t choose death.

Today I had a conversation with a friend about the universe and how we aren’t able to grasp it’s infinity. He then said: “Maybe there are smarter creatures out there. Maybe we aren’t the most intelligent beings. It’s a problem with our brain.  Wee can’t imagine someone being smarter than us. Just like a cow might not actually realize that we’re smarter than her. Maybe cows have a whole different style of thinking.”

I found that a very interesting idea. Until today, I just applied a similar theory on humans. We think differently because we have not experienced, have not gone through the same. We can only place ourselves in situations if we have once gone through ourselves. Everyone is an individual and nobody understands us better than we understand ourselves. Plus, in the end  everyone assumes that their way of acting is the best. Either for the earth or for themselves, depending of the character (political position, food choices,…).

So what if cows suppose as well that they are the smartest in the universe? Do they think of us as dumb, underdeveloped animals? Beings who don’t know better than to kill their calves and drink the mothers milk? “Haven’t they found the source of their own breast milk?”

Maybe we should get off our high horse a little more?


What do you think?

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