Vegan in Strasbourg

Eating out vegan gets easier as the months go by. Even in Strasbourg, France where Foie Gras is displayed on nearly every menu card, you can find the one or other vegan offer. On our holiday over NYE we were on the look-out for good vegan food, now I wan’t to share the results with you:Strasbourg

  • Delicious dining
    Traveling over NYE has two major disadvantages. Firstly, there are many other tourists around and secondly, restaurants often take a break and close between Christmas and the first days of the new year. Bistrot et Chocolat is one restaurant we didn’t get to dine in as it was closed for the time we spent in Strasbourg. The main dishes as well as the desserts sound great and the bistro was recommended to us, so I deliberately assume it’s worth a visit.You can find  Bistrot et Chocolat on 8 Rue de la Râpe.

Bistrot et Chocolate, a vegetarian place with vegan offers. Picture by Bistrot and Chocolate.

  • Fast food
    Yes, there is vegan fast food in Strasbourg! And it’s healthy, too which is a rather rare combination. La Pause Quinoa offers boxes with several different meals with quinoa. We went for an India and a Curry quinoa and ate it in the small restaurant. The portions were quite big for 6€, considering the high price of quinoa.
    The Curry box was good although it didn’t taste much like curry and wasn’t spicy either. The Indian box was decent with soy sauce. All in all we found the meals tasty but nothing special. For a take-away this is really great though. Plus, they support South American farmers by obtaining their quinoa for fair trade standards.And what an idea anyway, offering vegan quinoa meals to-go!You can find La Pause Quinoa on 33 rue du Jeu Des Enfants.
  • Desserts
    We rented a flat on Airbnb for our 5-day stay and happened to live almost next door to What the cake, a pastry shop with many vegan offers.
    The desserts aren’t very cheap, we payed around 4€ each for a cupcake and a piece of cheesecake. The cupcake was tasty, the cheesecake not so much as it didn’t quite burst with flavour. Maybe that was just the wrong choice for us.
    I can’t come to a conclusion really since we didn’t get around to a second visit.  I don’t think I am not to judge after eating there just once.
    But one can definitely see the effort though they put in their lovingly decorated shop & desserts.You can find What the cake on 51 rue du Fossé des Tanneurs.
Cupcake from What the Cake, Strasbourg

Chocolate cupcake from What the Cake, Strasbourg

  • Coffee & Tea
    On a rainy day we were on the lookout for a cosy tea saloon with a nice atmosphere. By chance we walked in the Tea Saloon PUR which–besides tea and fresh juices–offers coffee, hot chocolate, latte macchiato and even a Moccachino with soy milk. They have little snacks, too, which are declared vegan, lactose-free and vegetarian. The staff was friendly to us and we enjoyed the rain in the warmth while sipping on our tasty hot beverages.You can find PUR either at Place Saint Etienne or on Grand Rue.

PUR has a remarkably progressive concept: they use ingedrients from local farmers whenever possible. Picture by PUR,

Happycow lists a few more veg-friendly places. Most of them were closed over NYE but the supermarket in the very centers let us choose from many vegan products. Spreads, Tofu, milks,… they even had pasta consisting of legumes or quinoa. Also vegan are the fresh baguettes from the bakeries.

There are several health stores in Strasbourg, one of which we can recommend. We coincidentally came by it and were surprised by the big assortiment. It’s quite centrally located, on 13 rue des Orfèvres.

The famous french bread never contains milk.

So many choices, and the more they get, the more alternatives are provided to foie gras. ❤


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