Where I get my coconut butter from

In 2010 I fell in love with coconut butter. I was introduced to it while I was in the States, and when I came back I started to look for it all over. Somehow neither in Switzerland nor in Germany could I find this delicious stuff, not in health stores and not online. When I would ask in health stores at first they always showed me the coconut oil. Then I had puzzled faces looking at me.

Shipping the coconut butter from the US online shop Tropical Traditions would have cost 65$. Just for shipping… So I forgot about it until I met a a raw vegan about two years ago who spends a lot of her time in the US. We came to talk about coconut butter and it turns out she loved it just as much.

coconut butter

Next question of course was Where do you get it from?! and she tells me about an online shop in the US who ships real cheap to Europe. Since then I order from there regularly (twice a year, that’s how long two jars of coconut butter last around here) and am quite satisfied. The package always arrived within 4 days except once when I ordered together with my boyfriend. We bought stuff for $ 150.- and the package got hold off at the customs for a week. That was upsetting cause we needed to pay a fee afterwards; now we always keep it below 100$ just to make sure.

Unfortunately iherb raised their shipping conditions just this month but they’re still the cheapest when it comes to overseas shipping. I compared it with vitacost. For the same items the shipping comes to $15.19 on Vitacost.com and to $14.13 at iherb.com. Those are the two leading companies as far as I know.iherbinc-46_o

Now shipping from the States isn’t really ecological and I always feel a little bad when my package arrives. However, we all have this one product we don’t want to go without, right? Coconuts (unfortunately!) only grow overseas, mostly on the Philippines. It therefore doesn’t really matter if I ship it myself or let a Swiss distributor does that for me. Yes, because meanwhile they sell it here!

Iherb gives discounts for first-time customers. If you ever want to order something from http://www.iherb.com type in the code VWQ148 when checking out. You save 5$ if your order is less then 40$. If you spend more than 40$ you will get a discount of 10$. I don’t know how they do it. But I like it. Finally I’ve got my coconut butter back 🙂


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