How little it takes

Today I’ve experienced something beautiful:

I’m on my way home from school as I enter the train. I’m finding a free seat next to a guy and start to read. The guy is a little younger than me, probably also still in education. In his hands he’s got one of the freshly printed free daily boulevard-newspapers.

Suddenly he starts to rip off a piece from the front page. I shily turn my head and think to myself, must be something he wants to keep.

But then he starts to rip off more and more. I take a look at what he’s doing while everyone else is tired from this long day. And he starts to fold triangles. Weird, I think, but maybe a good (stress-relief?) occupation. There might be a use for this tabloid press after all.

I go back to my reading and pay no further attention.

As we reach the third stop he puts away the rest of the newspaper and gets off the train. In the corner of my eye I notice that his foldings still lay there. And then I take a closer look:

Paper art

I hardly believed my eyes! So beautifully arranged!

This little gesture will hopefully brighten up many hectic and tired people on their way home. Spread the love ♥

Just a couple of minutes earlier someone a few kilometers down the railroad tracks took their life. Confusing how life/God/destiny or whatever there is, works in its mysterious, unknown ways. This goes out to his or her loved ones…


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