5 things that make me happy

For the title of this post I was originally going to write the usual ‘5 simple things for a happier life’ but I realized I cannot give tips on this. I can only tell you about the things that make me a happier person:

1. I read a book about luck. Lucky me! This changed my way of thinking.

2. I try to randomly smile at people on the street. I notice that it instantly brightens up my mood when someone else smiles at me. So why not do it myself? It takes 2 seconds, a few muscles and a good portion of courage. This is actually the hardest task for me!
Also: I noticed that when I quickly smiled at people they were engaging me way more often in a conversation, asking me a question about some street they’re looking for etc.

3. Smile. When I smile, my mood has already lifted. So in point 2, you don’t only (potentially) cheer up another person but also yourself.

4. Every night before I go to sleep I write down three things that made me happy that day. It can be a funny situation or something I’ve accomplished, nice words someone told me or a something good that happened to a loved one.

5. Oh and Food. Whenever my boyfriend and I cook hungry, we start to have arguments and everyone knows it better. Maybe we shouldn’t cook together. But maybe two growling stomaches don’t belong in a small kitchen.



3 thoughts on “5 things that make me happy

    • Anja says:

      Thanks! The picture was taken in Romania about month ago. I remember seeing lots of butterflies here in Switzerland when I was young- sadly there are almost none anymore?!


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