Raw Vegan Christmas Cookies // Rohvegane Zimtsterne


The last few weeks my raw vegan dessert cookbook has taken on shape. So exciting! To keep everyone updated, I created a facebook page: Desserts einmal anders

Since the page is german I will here translate the recipe I have made public on the fb page. It is –right in time for Christmas– a recipe for german Christmas cookies. In english they’d be called cinnamon stars.

You need for 15 pieces:

80 g dried apple
40 g ground hazelnuts
2 tsp cinnamon

for the frosting:

6 tbsp coconut butter
1 tbsp agave syrup
5 tbsp water

Give the dried apple pieces in your food processor, then transfer into a bowl. Mix in the hazelnuts and the cinnamon, blend together well with a spoon or use your hands.
Now carefully add water until you get a dough. It really doesn’t need much.

Roll the dough and cut out star shaped cookies. Put them on a dehydrator sheet and let them dehydrate for about 2 hours. This step isn’t necessary but lets them stay enjoyable a little longer 😀

For the frosting you just mix (the liquid!) coconut butter with the agave syrup and the water and spread it on the cookies.

All done. All yummy.

By the way, here’s an excerpt from the ‘Should meat be off the menu?’ debate. I find Philip Wollen to be the most powerful voice for animals.

Have a wonderful Christmas time!


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