Sugar- and Flourfree Muffins with a Green Ingedrient

I love coconut butter. I eat it straight out of the jar. I eat it with agave syrup. I use it as an ingredient in raw desserts for making them “hard” after freezing. I throw it into Frozen Banana Ice Cream for creating chunks.


2 summers ago I discovered it. My host family in America ordered regularly from Tropical Traditions. One could find coconut butter on my cinnamon raisin bagels from Walmart. In white flour sandwiches. On pancakes full of eggs and dairy.

Today one finds it on my rice wafers, on fruit pieces, as a topping of my raw desserts.

Oh how habits and preferences can change. 🙂


And last week, one could find them in my healthy cupcakes. Sorry , definitely not the best picture ever taken. Note to myself: If you pour the dough in the cups, it won’t distribute itself.

ripe banana (or plus a tablespoon of agave syrup)
3 tbsp cacao
2 tbsp coconut butter
1/2 tsp baking soda (Natron)
40g nuts, ground
optional: salt, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate chips

Mix the avocado + banana + cocoa powder + coconut (or other) butter  in your blender. Give it into a bowl and mix in the nuts and the baking soda, plus optional ingredients. Empty into muffin trays and bake for about 15 minutes. And distribute the dough nicely… or they’ll look like mine.

I haven’t baked in a while and just felt such an urge to use that oven again! The smell in the apartment was wonderful as I have almost forgotten how the yummy smell spreads out in all the rooms.

And with an avocado and a banana mixed in, I don’t feel any guilty for having one. Or 4. Umm.  But what can you do when there’s addictive coconut butter in them!


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