It’s Crêpes time!

Tonight I will be making crepes for young people at an event. It’s an Open Night – meaning it starts at midnight and ends at 5 am. Phew.

We’re gonna be 82 people so I made dough for 90. That meant 3 kg of flour, 3 liters of soy milk, one liter of water, quite some egg replacer, about 10 tablespoons of sugar, salt and oil. I mixed it all together and oh my goodness, it was full of clumps. Not that I wasn’t expecting it but I had no other choice than mixing the batter up by hand. No kitchen aid here. Not yet.


I needed an idea. Fast. First thought: Hand blender. If it can puree soup, the flour won’t be a problem.

Good thing my next thought was the blender, or else the kitchen would have turned into a dough hole 😀


I’m not gonna say anything about it being vegan. I don’t suppose anyone will notice since crepes taste neutral. The average eater is never gonna say: I don’t taste the eggs.. and is there soy milk in it?!


There we go, smoooth as silk. 😀

I’m excited to see they’re faces. If I will still be able to see them at 5 in the morning. Hopefully they’re gonna be happy, satisfied faces.

Now I’m going to practice with the rented crepe plates so I can make some people happy with spinach and/or cinnamon sugar crepes.



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