Foodie Penpal #3, July 2013

xFPP-post.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KYaFXoYVomThis month I got to send a package to Birmingham. I had a lot of fun putting together a parcel with some Swiss and also Hungarian foods since I was on holiday at the beginning of the month.

IMG_7352 I myself got a lovely parcel from London, more exact from Kim, a mother of 5 ranging from 20 to 30 years of age. She put a lot of care in the products (and the wrapping!) and tried to follow my vegan and raw wishes.


The suspension gave me the force to do all this with my own hands!  Kidding, I eventually had to get scissors. And after the first layer was gone, more tape revealed. Kim really did nothing halfway. Business before pleasure – it increased my anticipation.


Opened. First thing I see… Vegemite! I friend recently told me about it: “either you love it or you hate it”.  Turns out I do not love it. I will try using it in soups or maybe even desserts since I’ve found an ice cream recipe on the internet.


Mustard is always useful and the tropical mix – omg! So good. Dried fruits are so good, especially when they are sweet and chewy like these are.


I actually just went to spread this on a rice cake. It’s 23.30 as I’m typing this – I love midnightsnacking! It’s pickled cauli flower and other vegetables, very interesting but tasty. Tried it in a broccoli soup. Didn’t work. Spreading works.


The mouse wonders what’s inside as well…


.. jumps right in and casts an eye on the nuts 🙂 Or does she like the fancy pink paper?

The ‘Good Morning’ sachets are microwaveable 2 minutes porridges. Excited to try them as well as the instant ginger drink. 😀 Thanks a lot for this super sweet foodie box, Kim!

Oh and she included some Rosemary from her garden. The box smelled so good! Maybe I’ll use it to season in the kitchen.

Thanks again for this lovely parcel 🙂


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