Vegan in Budapest!

IMG_6834 Every Gourmet knows step #1 when preparing for a holiday: No, it’s not the bikini figure (everything else!), it’s searching out all the restaurants you will want to dine in. For us vegetarians and vegans, happycow makes this step really easy. I love browsing through this site and getting all excited for the holiday! Especially surprising this time was to find a raw vegan restaurant in the heart of Budapest. Definitely a place – to – go. So on our first day, we walked around the city to see as many places worth seeing as possible. We went to Buda and visited the opera house, the castle, the Bastillon….


..and ate one of those. Do you know them? In Hungarian they’re called Kürtőskalác, in German Baumstrietzel. They are vegan and very, very delicious ( How can’t they? It’s basically bread dough with sugar and cinnamon). We then took the next bridge and went to Pest again where we visited the Parliament (picture above) and started to look for the raw vegan restaurant Mannatural. We did not expect too much!


The whole menu – smoothie, main dish (above) and dessert (below) cost us 10$ each. The smoothie was a heavenly creation made out of coconut and poppy seed. The cashier was very friendly and even told us what the delicious desserts were made out of.

IMG_6862 IMG_6863

Haha, we  were so eager to try it that we forgot to take the picture first! On the left is a banana tort with lime fudge on top and the other one was like an orange cheesecake. The slices on the right are carob and chocolate cakes. Definitely worth a visit!

The next day we went to buy food to eat in our cute little flat we rent on airbnb.


WP_002876 WP_002877

Fresh Hungarian market vegetables 😀 And the variety of vegan and even raw food here is way bigger and especially cheaper than in Switzerland. The Crackers on the right picture are all raw and 50 ct each. You can find those things in Bio ABC. (I don’t recommend buying savoury vegan food though. I caught a piece of ehem, something between pizza and lasagne which tasted ehem… I hardly ever throw stuff away but sometimes one just has to – this was definitely one of those situations.)

We bought a stock of supplies for the raw kitchen like coconut, hemp or flax seed flour. I also found  special syrups like oat or barley malt syrup. Right next to Bio ABC is a small vegan take-away called Le Bar.  You will have a hard time finding a free seat but the food is so delicious that you should not miss stopping there. We bought a lasagne to take away, it was cold but still very tasty. (Ever tried cold lasagne? That must mean something :P)

On the third day we went to a restaurant called Napfenyes Etterem. This was seriously heaven on earth! We found it (thanks to the navi – we would have been lost 10 times) in a small side road. It looked plain and not really well-frequented but when we entered we almost couldn’t find a free table and the waiters were busy all evening. We had a hard time deciding on a meal. We always do – when do you ever get the chance to dine in an all vegan restaurant? And you can only choose one plate?!


We finally decided on ordering spinach-tofu pasta and a  pizza with smoked tofu, seitan, onions, different cheeses… They give large portions and the pizza was probably one of the best ones I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, the pasta wasn’t very seasoned but the dessert made up for that,  we both chose a piece of carob cake and ice cream. Great round-up! Place to go #2!

On two days we went to a Hummus bar for lunch.  There are several in Budapest, we decided for the closest ones. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of the food but we can still recommend going to this place as this one wasn’t very special.

Sadly we only planned to stay four days in the city, we could have easily spent  more time in this city. We then headed out to a place on the country near Lake Balaton where a relative lately emigrated to. The peaceful environment was perfect to calm down from the city. I’m a type of person that enjoys both, city and country – as long as its balanced out.

I hope this will help some of you planning to go to Budapest. Have a nice stay! And for all those left at home: You should consider planning a trip there, I can only recommend it! 🙂


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