Easy Sprouting: Chickpeas


I did it. I finally dug out our sprouter!

First thing I tried this week were chickpeas.
I used just normal store-bought ones (organic!), soaked them overnight and spread it on the different sprouting trays. They are really easy and therefore perfect for a beginner like me.
Keep the soaking water for rinsing them, it holds a lot of good stuff. Then rinse in the morning and evening, I also had to water them in the afternoon as the warm edition of the summer has reached us here. After 3 days they were good to take but I waited a fourth and as you can see above, it even grew green stuff. I thought it couldn’t hurt waiting another day as I’ve read in the internet about people having mild problems with eating sprouted ckickpeas raw. Sometimes I am just too gullible. Reading too long in forums and blog can make you think you have cancer or something…


Well, as I said I took them today. I made Hummus and that worked great and just like with normal cooked ones. Interesting was the flavor – I can’t describe it… it kind of reminded me of cress. Just season it a little more if you don’t like this taste.


The other thing I tried: Raw Carob Hummus!
Just mix the washed chickpeas with a teaspoon of carob and either a banana or 2 tablespoon of agave syrup. Or both, depending on your sweet tooth ๐Ÿ™‚

Cooked Chickpeas:

Vitamin C: 2,3 mg

Sprouted Chickpeas:

Vitamin C: 10,4 mg


6 thoughts on “Easy Sprouting: Chickpeas

  1. newlyVEG says:

    wooow.. carob hummus?!?
    we have to try this one. Sounds…hmmm…strange (; but we love chickpeas and we love carob. So we might try it out (:
    Have you tried making coconut carob spread..? yummy.


      • newlyVEG says:


        take dried shredded coconut (for my blender i use 2 cups), blend it till it becomes a buttery paste. for a smooth blending you can put a little coconut oil. then add 4 table spoons of carob and… voila! (: easy and delicious! we are addicted to it! (;


        • Anja says:

          Oh wow! I love love love coconut butter. I always made it myself, with your method. I have recently discovered an online shop though where you can buy raw coconut butter.
          It is tasty no matter what but just a mix with carob? ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait to try.


          • newlyVEG says:

            yesss… easy.
            you don’t even have to put any sugar as carob already has its own mild and pleasant sweetness. (:
            if you like cashews, you can add them roasted some other time too.


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