Foodie Penpal #2, June 2013


Last month didn’t go very well. The package I sent was thanked for when I asked 2 weeks later if it actually has arrived. The package I received, well… you can look for yourself: Foodie Penpal #1

This time I really hoped for a better match up or else I thought I will quit since it does cost money and time to put together a thoughtful parcel. But I was lucky, I exchanged a few nice e-mails with Joan from Scotland and Lena from Germany. My package went to Scotland and she wrote me a really cute and long thank you E-Mail when it arrived. The package from Germany first underwent some postal troubles but luckily it found it’s way here in time. First thing that looked at me when I opened the package:IMG_5791
Apparently she must have misread my E-Mail. A short look at my blog would have done it, too, haha oh well 🙂


Overall it was a cute package. Thanks a lot Lena! I will surely find someone for the jam and the fruit sherbet powder. And the meat sauce of course, haha.

I’m excited to try this specail kind of ‘homemade’ mustard though!


And the Chocolate Drops were the ones I couldn’t find here in Switzerland. Great! That’s what I love about the idea of Foodie Penpals – you’re able to get foods which can’t be found in your country or have to be ordered for quite some money.

So thank you Lena for your nice package!

I will try again and sign myself up for another month. All good things come in threes, right?


What do you think?

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