Raw Layered Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake


I just made my third cheesecake this week and it’s only Wednesday… ! No guys, it’s not like you thought – even though they’re healthy and it’s hard to stop once you’ve taken a bite, I couldn’t eat this thing all by myself.

Actually, why not? Sounds pretty awesome.


I have read so much about cashew cheesecake that I eventually had to try it. And oh my goodness, everything I heard about it was true. Haven’t had anything like this for  years!  It ‘s like warm Ice Cream that won’t melt until it’s in your mouth. Haha, I’m so excited about my new discovery.


Speaking of excitedness: I finally bought a new camera! (As one can probably tell by looking at my older posts…) Well, this baby wasn’t actually new. I got a great offer from a nice girl who I made a mini version of this Cheesecake as a thank-you gift. She liked it and even asked for the recipe. (Phew!)


I added a banana there so that’s why they look different. It didn’t change the flavor but made them less cheesecake-like which is why  I wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Here is my version of the Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake:

For the crust:

1 cup ground almonds

1/2 cup dates

1/8 tsp fine sea saltIMG_5051

For the lemon filling:

1 lemon (zest, flesh and juice)

1/2 cup of cashews, soaked for 3-4 hours

2 tbsp coconut butter (or coconut oil)

2 tbsp agave/maple syrup 

For the strawberry filling:

2 cups fresh strawberries

1/2 cup cashews

2 tbsp coconut butter (or again, coconut oil would work just as well)

2 tbsp agave/maple syrup

Oil a pan or lay it out with foil. For the crust, process the dates, add them plus the sea salt to the ground almonds and blend together with your hands until you get a crumbly dough. Press it in your pan.

As for the cheesecake fillings, we keep the work simple as usual and assign it to the food processor. Let it do its job after giving in the lemon zest, flesh & juice, the cashews, the coconut butter and your sweetener of choice. You should get a creamy texture which allows you to pour it easily on the crust. You might need a little nut milk until you get there. Spread evenly on your crust and freeze is while working on the next layer.

Same with the strawberry filling, process the strawberries, cashew, coconut butter and sweetener until creamy. Pour it on the lemon layer and let it freeze a few hours until serving. (at least 3-4 hours)

IMG_5108As I am writing this, my third cheesecake is in the freezer. Yes, I am a new fan of cheesecake 🙂 I made it for my graduation day tomorrow.  It’s a chocolate one and as far as I can tell from the dough, people will have to love it. It’s half Zucchini, half cashews, ever heard of a healthier version?! You might not believe it but it does taste like chocolate and nothing else but chooocolaate. Could someone possibly ask for anything more?

What is your favorite kind of cheesecake?

6 thoughts on “Raw Layered Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake

  1. MyFatHeart says:

    Okay. I’m making this. That is all I must say. I, myself have never tried the cashew cheesecake thing but I have a thousand saved recipes for them. I just have to get over the fact that it’s cashews and my scepticism about it. Gorgeous photos by the way!


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