How to Season Vegetables

My intelligent new old book says that if you season your vegetables with the said spice, the composition will develop healing powers in your body. Those are “important for eliminating disorders, purifying the blood and protecting the body from germs.”

Some of the combinations may sound special. At least I  have never seasoned my spinach with ginger… The caraway makes sense on the cabbage since it is known for its digestive function. I’m excited tot try some new combinations soon.
So here is what goes to together well for our body:

peas →  mint

beans → sage

carrots → anise (this one actually tastes quite good, especially with coconut cream. But then…what doesn’t taste good with coconut cream?)

white turnips → caraway

pumpkin → celery or marjoram cucumber

asparagus → thyme

tomatoes → thyme

Romaine lettuce → celery, grated or the leaflets

cauliflower → celery, grated or the leaflets

cucumbers → onion and garlic

zucchini → marjoram

beetroot → chives and caraway

white cabbage → caraway

sorrel → celery root

dandelions → cress

cabbage → black radish

spinach → ginger powder

topinambour → marjoram, radish

fennel → mustard leaves

Happy seasoning!


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