Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Coconut Spread

Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Coconut Spread

For this healthy chocolate spread I let the nuts soak for about an hour and threw them in the blender. I had to add quite a big amount of liquid until my blender caught on the nuts. But then it finally worked and I was more than pleased with the result. It’s rich, bursting with flavour and you actually know what’s in there.  Here’s what’s in there:

200g of hazelnuts
a few tsp of cocoa powder
optional: 1/4 cup of coconut cream
5 dates
(3-5 dl water or milk or both)

This one quite challenged my blender. Its my second time working with nuts and I guess I’ll just have to accept the fact that my blender is not able to process them to a smooth nut butter. Because of that, there are 3 variations of this spread.

  • Variation 1: Throw everything in your blender, except for the liquids. Sowly add them while mixing, as much as your blender needs.
  • Variation 2: If you’re in possession of a Vitamix: After soaking the nuts, dehydrate them until fully dry. Add cocoa powder, coconut cream and dates and blend it up until smooth. This one won’t spoil so fast.
  • variation 3: Use hazelnut butter instead of hazelnuts and replace the dates with date paste or maple syrup (not raw but nutritious) if you don’t have a good blender and/or want something fast that doesn’t go bad for a while (weeks to months).

This spread is a good alternative to Nutella & Co, especially if you get it real smooth. For other chocolaty recipes, check the following:

With hemp seeds: Creamy Chocolate Spread

With lentils: Healthy Chocolate Custard

With chickpeas: Carob Hummus

And last but not least, a quick and easy recipe for a sweet Hazelnut Spread.

Dig in!


Rawtella gift

Preserved, it suits perfect as a gift. Like here, for my Foodie-Penpal.

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