Raw Lemon Balls

Those balls are so versatile! They are perfect as a gift, for an afternoon tea party or just to snack on. They got a dirty size though – just small enough to take one more, and one more… but not big enough to take one and save the rest, saying “one at a time”!

They are easy to make and also delicious. I love it when the balls are moist and fudgy inside… the lemon juice defintitely does a great job in this recipe. And these are the instructions:


1 cup of dates

1 cup of shredded coconut

1 cup of ground almonds

1 lemon, zested

1/2 of the juice from the lemon 
In a big bowl, mix together the almonds, the coconut and the lemon zest.
Process the dates with the lemon juice and add them to the other ingredients. Now you form the balls, dip them one by one in some lemon juice and shake them in a bowl with shredded coconut. This is a way that works for me, you will have to try if you don’t already have your own system 😀

They are best when cooled, so keep them refrigerated.

And enjoy the awesomness of raw foods, still containing all of its nutrional value. One by one. Or all at once.


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